LDPC decoding with matlab

I send all-zeros codeword, which is mapped for BPSK modulation. The mapped vector inserts Gaussian channel with \frac{E_b}{N_0} = \frac{1}{2R\sigma^2}.

After this, I calculate the LLR of every received codeword, and I feed the Matlab LDPC decoder. The decoder uses belief propagation algorithm or in other words, message passing algorithm.

This is a decoding example for dvbs2 parity check matrix with length=64800 for different rates


The Matlab code is here .



Trying to graduate in a month

Hello. I am an undergraduate student of Electronics and Computers Engineering at the Technical University of Crete. I have completed all the lessons required for the diploma, and I have to finish my thesis. My thesis is about encoding, decoding, construction and design of LDPC codes. All these are about telecommunications.  The time target is 1st of July, and I will keep my blog updated.